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July 15, 2020

How Often To Change Cabin Air Filter?

Cabin air filters help to keep clean the air inside your vehicle. It sieves all the dirt, pollutants, etc. from the air your car AC is pulling inside. So it is really important to maintain this device for your own convenience.

You must change this air filter every 15000-25000 miles, or at least once a year. Better check the manual that comes with your vehicle to be sure.

Your car could need a filter replacement even before the one year time stamp. You should keep checking your car filter to see if it is working perfectly. If the white air filter has turned black, then it is filled with waste products and needs to be replaced immediately.

What Happens if You don't Change Cabin Air Filter?

A cabin air filter’s job is to filtrate all the dust particles, contaminants, etc. from the incoming air of the AC. As a result, the air filter gets filled with the waste products it has been removing all this time.

And gradually it would stop filtering the air for being jammed. Hence you have to change the air filter on a yearly basis to keep up the healthy environment of your car.

How Do You Know if Your Cabin Air filter is Bad?

Generally, a car cabin air filter can last up to a year. But due to negligence and over exploitation, sometimes it could fail even before a year of runtime. There are some basic signs to know if your air filter has gone bad or not.

First, check the color of the filter if the air stream is low. If it has turned black then it needs to be changed.

Secondly, if you start smelling odd when your AC is on, it means the air filter has gone bad. And you must change it to a new filter to avoid further discomfort.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Cabin Air Filter?

A new cabin air filter may charge from 15$-20$ depending on the company. If you hire a mechanic to do this job, you may have to pay an amount of 40$ to 100$ depending on the time to be invested, tools to be used in the process, your car model and brand, etc. However, you can save that money by doing the work yourself.

In most cars, the air filter is placed behind the glove compartment. Be careful when removing the glove box. You could

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Does Changing Cabin Air Filter Make a Difference?

Cabin filters are important to maintain the purity of the air inside of your car. You will feel uncomfortable and suffocated if you have to sit through contaminated air. People with allergy or breathing problems would feel much worse in such a condition.

While some may feel just the slightest bit of uneasiness, it could be dangerous to some people’s health.

Hence changing the cabin filter is obviously a safety precaution you should follow. This way you’ll know you are safe when riding your car.

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